A basket holds at most 15 pounds of apples and oranges. There are no more than 6 pounds of apples in the basket. This graph shows the system that represents this scenario, where x is the weight of the apples and y is the weight of the oranges.Which point represents a viable solution?

Accepted Solution

Answer (2, 12)
ExplanationThe inequalities in this situation are:x + y ≈ 15        ( almost 15)x ≤ 6               (x is less or equal to 6)y ≥ 0               (y is greater than or equal to 0)From the graph shown the viable points should be inside the blue region. This points are: (4, 10), (2, 12), (6, 8) and (0, 14)From the choices the correct answer is: C. (2, 12)